4 Influential Black Fashion Icons Who Inspired The Whole World

black fashion icons

When you think about black fashion icons, you think about bold black beauties who are chubby and enjoying their erotic wears. Over a century, we’ve have seen some inspiring black African women who have made waves in their careers.

These bold fashion icons have ward-off the racial barriers in music, fashion, modeling, and the entertainment industry. As Black History Month is going on, we’ll reveal the best African women who are very inspiring and redefined the fashion world.

If you are the one who feels that your skin color is a barrier, read this article until the end!

Josephine Baker

The mega superstar Rihanna was inspired by the erotic dressing sense of Josephine Baker. Even Rihanna was the one who started wearing glittering naked dresses after Josephine. Josephine was a famous American-born actress who fulfilled her dreams in France. She inspired many entertainers and prominent personalities with her costumes and bold activism.

Josephine Baker even agreed that she faced countless racial discrimination throughout her acting career. But, she faced the wrong statements and denied performing in front of a narrow-minded American audience in the early ‘50s and ‘60s.

Josephine has inspired many African women to join the entertainment industry and does wonder in their careers.

Bethann Hardison

Natalie Knepp sitting on a rock

Unarguably, Bethann Hardison is far more inspiring and bold than your favorite personalities. This lady is a culture icon. Hardison was also an innovative model in her early days, like Cleveland and Johnson. This lady gained a lot of success in 1973’s Battle of Versailles fashion show.

Recently, Hardison has established a modeling agency and inspiring black women worldwide. She is continuously fighting for her representation in the fashion industry. If you are interested in becoming an eye-catching model, you can join the Hardison’s modeling agency.

Micheal Jackson

No introduction need to the legendary singer Michael Jackson because he gave us some evergreen iconic dance movies and pop songs. Micheal Jackson has created some unforgettable moments in the music industry. He was very inspired by military outfits and jackets.

In most concerts, he wore a red leather jacket known as ‘’thriller’’ and military-inspired shoes and pants in 1993’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Jackson was the inspiration of many youngsters across the globe. Apart from boys, girls were the die-hard fans of Jackson. Even his hairstyle was followed by many music learners and youngsters.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is another innovative model who started working in the modeling industry and builds a mega career. She was very fond of saturated colors instead of solid ones.

She appeared in numerous American movies and even started her own talk show. Later, she also launched her own “America’s Next Top Model” franchise.

Final Wrap-Up

From inspiring models like Josephine Baker to national girls crush, Micheal Jackson, here are the top influential black fashion icons. All these famous personalities have made a significant contribution to the fashion world. As we celebrate Black History Month, take an oath of breaking all the racism barriers in the fashion industry.

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