5 Trendy Junior Fashion Brands That Believe In Sustainability

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Buy clothes for your kids can be tricky and exciting at the same time. Parents are often confused about what to buy and what to leave because of the trendy junior fashion. Seriously! Fashion trends for kids change quicker than adult fashion.

But don’t worry, we have covered few sustainable fashion brands that take care of all the latest trends and Mother Earth as well. Check it out below.

Trendy Junior Fashion Brands To Add To Your Shopping List

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This organic clothing brand from the USA has all the kids-friendly clothes. No matter how old your kid is, PACT has cool outfits for your baby. You will find variety in every kind of clothes in terms of their size, material, and designs.

However, PACT does not offer clothes for kids above 12. So if your kid is under 12, then follow the trendy junior fashion of this sustainable brand.


Super quality and wide range of clothes, all eco-friendly and comfortable for the kids, are available at BeyaMade. The best part of the clothes at BeyaMade is that they grow with kids. In short, they have elastic and buttons to add space to your kid’s clothes once they grow up.

This will save your money and prevent the burden on nature as well. Another great thing about this trendy junior fashion brand is that clothes are gender-free. That means you don’t have to decide for girls and boys separately. Pick whatever you like.


Organic cotton clothes by Tentree are very good and comfortable. They are better for nature as they plant ten trees whenever a customer buys a cloth. Though they have a small collection contributing a bit to nature is all that they aim for.

Customers can contribute as well by buying cute apparel for their kids from Tentree.


Whether your baby is 4 years old or 14, Jackalo has clothes for all kids. Their fun collection of organic cotton clothes is quite impressive. And customers can return clothes once their baby grows and clothes no longer fit to them.

However, the prices are not affordable, so keeping the nature of trendy junior fashion in mind, Jackalo may not be an option for everyone.

Hanna Andersson

Buying garments for growing up kids is undoubtedly difficult, but shopping for a newborn is even more tedious. Hanna Andersson makes it easier with its cute collection of trendy pajamas 

that are sustainable too.

They are durable and last longer than ordinary kids’ clothes. So, shopping for your newborn babies from Hanna Andersson is a good option.

Apart from these five sustainable, trendy junior fashion brands, you can pick from the best ones ruling the industry. Here is the list

  1. Gini & Jony
  2. United Colors of Benetton
  3. 612 League
  4. Little Kangaroos
  5. Ralph Lauren
  6. Chloe Kids
  7. Young Versace


These are the most famous luxury and classic brands for kids’ clothing. You can shop from any of these as per your fashion taste and preferences. But the best thing to do is buy durable, affordable clothes, and most importantly, comfortable rather than fashionable.

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