50s Fashion Style – How To Create Your Own

50's fashion style

Vintage clothing is a generic title for articles originating from a certain time period. In most cases this means a period of time before World War II. The term is used in conjunction with a particular retail outlet, e.g., in antique clothing shop. In fact, most vintage clothing stores are really antique specialty shops. They serve as a repository for a certain set of clothing items, and most pieces have been preserved by the owners as a result of their passion for antiques.

Pencil Dresses

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You will find several different sub-styles that fall under the 50’s fashion style. Probably the most recognizable is pencil dresses, which were quite popular during the 1950’s and ’60’s. Pencil dresses were made in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. They were associated with flower power and were considered to be liberated in the sense that they promoted non-conformity. For example, pencil dresses were often worn by women who wanted to look like runway models, or by women who desired to stand out from the crowd.

Black was also very popular during the 50’s fashion style. In fact, during this decade more jewelry was made from black metal than any other color. Although black was associated with the entire concept of the 50’s fashion style, not all items were black. Some were printed, such as buttons, belts, or some were solid colored, like polka dots.

Denim And Flannel

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Popular styles during the 50’s also included denim and flannel. Denim jackets and jeans were commonly worn. On top of that, pajamas were always an item in 50’s clothing. Most of these items were paired with a striped shirt or dress pants. Men also had a love affair with baseball caps, with the famous pennant-shaped ones being particularly popular for this time period.

During this period of time, women also had a great attachment to shoes. They would pick the most comfortable shoes that they could find. These footwear choices often matched the skirts that they wore. For instance, men who wore tweed suits also picked out well-known designers.

Different Hair Styles

Women also wore their hair in many different styles. Of course, they could not let it go very long, so most often they chose updos to hide their hair from view. In the worst cases, these women would add hats. A lot of the 50’s hairstyles became popular through the efforts of celebrities, such as Ava Gardner and glamorous nurse, Ann-Margret. Even though they chose to use these hairstyles to hide their hair, they still looked absolutely gorgeous.

For many years, the 50’s fashion style never seemed to disappear. The popularity of the style was such that it even made a comeback. Many people were fascinated with this era and wanted to be part of it.

Summing Up

Because of their popularity, you can expect to see many 50’s style outfits in the year 2021. You can also expect a lot of different 50’s style pieces to become popular in the years to come. Don’t forget to check out all of your favorite blogs and websites for more 50’s fashion tips! Have fun with your fashions!

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