8 Trendy Fashion Style Types In The Fashion World!

Fashion style types

Dressing up with latest fashion trends is something which is important for everyone!! The modern and attractive designs give the fashion designers the ideas of creativity along with hope to stand out in the market. You have to deal with many fashion style types every day. Even people who are not interested in dressing up can also tell a lot about them. From your accessories to your wallet, everything seems to represent your style. Here is a list of the top Fashion styles trending in the world below-


The classic style looks comfortable and elegant. The tailoring is very impeccable with perfect straight lines designed simplistically. Classic style is the simple elegance you have in your wardrobe and you wear to office parties or even on special occasions.

Best and trendy fashion style types


Street style is famous all over the world and has precisely evolved from the streets. This type of Street fashion is associated mostly with the youth culture portraying its importance in urban centers. The street is actually one of that fashion style types which is cheap but also in vogue. 


Casual dressing style doesn’t in any way make you feel laid back, it is just your style as you prefer comfortable and light clothing. This style is dressing according to your mood without putting in many efforts. It is cozy, yet you can look beautiful in casuals when paired with the right accessories and boots.

Exotic Fashion

Exotic style is something keeping you as the center of attraction anywhere you go! With exotic dressing sense, people look up to you for advice or fashion feedback. The style goes good with vibrant colors and intricate embroideries with outstanding printouts. The statement jewelry piece makes you stand out in the crowd. 

Check out best and trendy fashion style types

Tomboy Style

If you are not willing to show your feminine side way too much, tomboy style is the perfect sense for you. This sense is classy yet simple. The definition of this dressing style has nothing to do with frill frocks or bow ties. It is a more casual look with a tomboyish look like wearing jeans with a graphics shirt.

Girly Fashion

The Girly fashion entangles you to a world full of bows, ribbons, pink, hearts, flowers, and everything that people categorize with girls. The girly style focuses more on the pale colors like the use of whiter and pinker for that girly feel. The style is the cute and feminine type and many girls go mad over this style.  

Bohemian Style

You might have heard a lot about the Boho pattern but specifically don’t know what it is. Boho style gives the wild look with exotic textures and patterns. This look is kind of hippie and the classic Bohemian look has always been in trend. Girls pair it with their favorite accessories like fringes, chains, silver necklaces, etc. 

The 50s Style

Go back into the era with the 50s style getting so much popular and this style is all about wearing bright pastel colors making everything so adorable. Flower pattern dresses and polka dots patterns lead the 50s way. The hairstyle is a puff or high buns.  


These are the leading fashion style types. So, which one resembles you the most?

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