80s Fashion Icons That Have Been Inspiration For All Of Us Yet

80's fashion icons

The fashion industry is as transient as the waters of any ocean. Within a decade a whole new fashion is constructed and destroyed. Sometimes, new things come into fashion while other times the older things make a re-entry. The 1980’s fashion is an unforgettable one. Many believe that it is again back in an improvised form to beat the present fashion trends. This article will deal with a description of the 80’s fashion.

80’s fashion icons – The 1980’s fashion trends

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The 1980s were years of change and transitions. The world was yet unfolding itself, so was the fashion industry. It was the decade of bold styles, bright colors, and a humongous amount of permed hair. It was the period when bulky blazers and ripped tights overshadowed the sleek dresses. One thing that can be observed from the 80’s fashion icons is that people wanted to show boldness and strength.

This fact can be well supported by the use of, from shoulder pads to power suits. The 80’s fashion icons were the fashion of baggy clothes and hair bands. Oversized pantsuits and jumpsuits were quite common in those days. One other starling feature was the choice of colors. From bright yellow to statement pink and green, everything was in 80’s fashion icons trends.

The 80s fashion was wild and experimental. Hair gone a little crazy, it’s a trend. Body sticking leggings and high waists, it’s a trend. It is believed that the 80s fashion trends threw away the rule book and some of the trends were unbelievable, but they did happen.

The 80’s Fashion icons

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The 1980s gave the fashion industry some of the most eclectic 80’s fashion icons. Even today people look forward to the fashion sense of Joan Jett to Joan Collins. Some of the 80s fashion icons are princess Diana, Demi Moore, Grace Jones, Madonna, Adam Ant, Prince, Kim Wilde, and many more.

80’s fashion icons – Michael Jackson

The legend of the music industry and one of the prominent figures of pop culture. He not only gave us the famous moonwalk and other dance steps but also a sense of fashion. The leather glove in one hand, embellished military jackets, red college jackets, white suits, and fedora, made him an icon of the 80s fashion.

80’s fashion icons – Madonna

A world without Madonna is boring. Back in the 80s, she stood up for anything cool. She made lacy fingerless gloves, rara skirts, and three-fourth length black jeggings cool. Her eyeliner and beauty spots always stand out.

80’s fashion icons – Diana Spencer

The princess of London, whose death is still a mystery, gave us one of the iconic fashion styles of the 80s. She popularised gentle eye make-up and suits.

These were three 80s fashion icons of whom people can’t still get over.


The 80s fashion was an era of wild looks that would have been never accepted. The good news is that it is coming back again. Many fashion icons of today are seen recreating the 80s fashion gracefully.

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