Add a Feminine Accent Hairstyle Without Doing Much, Look Chic, Fabulous, and in Endless Styles!

Divas out there! Add a touch of femininity to your everyday hairstyles with this exceptional fabric headband. Featuring cross-stitched gold rings, this wide-brimmed headband is all you need to look your best. This beautiful and classy headband has a smooth surface and holds hair tightly without offering any discomfort. Something that works well with buns, open hair, pony, and so on!

Cross Stitched Gold Ring in Fabric Headband

Headbands never go out of style. Whether you love to keep your hair open or prefer a bun, you need a good headband to make your hairdo look exceptional. This cross-stitched fabric headband with gold rings is what you need to organize your hair in the most beautiful way possible. Made from soft and breathable cotton and polyester, this headband will make your favorite outfit standout. 

Add a little femininity to your hairdo without putting much effort via this gorgeous and sassy headband. This head accessory features gold rings rendered in a crisscross pattern that makes it one-of-a-kind. The rings have the perfect finish and don’t tarnish easily. Fetch this headband and bring out your inner shine like never before!

Whether you wear a skirt, formal dress, or jeans, this headband will perfectly complement your OOTD. The headband offers excellent ventilation and absorbs moisture quickly. It is breathable and comfortable on the head and rests firmly without slipping a bit. The head accessory fits the head contour perfectly without causing discomfort of any kind.

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Pros Of Cross Stitched Headband

  • Stylish and shiny headband with perfectly finished gold rings.
  • The wearing experience is comfortable.
  • Breathable, smooth, and lightweight.
  • Offers subtle ventilation and wicks moisture.
  • Suited for hair buns, open-hair styles, ponytails, etc.
  • Suitable for everyday work, birthdays, college wear, vacation, school, and more.
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Cons Of Cross Stitched Headband

  • The gold rings may lose their shine with time. Store the headband in an air-tight accessory box after wrapping it in cotton.
  • The fabric of the head accessory may get dirty easily. Ward off the dust from the headband with a dry and clean cloth now and then.
  • This headband may not fit too small or too big heads.


This chic and stylish headband is perfect for women who love trying different hairstyles. The headband features cross-stitched rings with a shiny gold finish that makes it exceptionally beautiful. This head accessory keeps your hair organized no matter whether you keep your hair open, do a ponytail, or make a hair bun. The material used for this headband is breathable, soft, lightweight, and moisture-wicking. It offers a secure fit on the head and is comfortable enough to wear. This headband will keep your hair organized and hairstyle pretty. No matter whether you wear it to college, work, or party, it makes for a perfect companion to your outfits. You can even wear the headband during any physical activity without worrying about your forehead becoming sweaty and hair messy!

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