All You Want To know About 1920s Fashion Icons

1920s fashion icons

The 1920s fashion showcased the free, modern era of the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age as sections of society gained freedom and independence. The 1920s fashion was short dresses, low-cut skirts, and styles that featured the flappers’ outfits, ‘cut’ hairstyles, dress skirts, casual Fashion, a mix of brightly colored dresses, scarves, and stockings with bright, stunning geo geometric designs. Another fashion trend of the 1920s was a dress that offered freedom of movement in clothing that was well-matched and defined by the adoption of a pharmacy or camisole, a loose underwear that replaced closed, tight corsets in the Victorian era. The 1920s women’s clothing reflected the new sense of freedom of the era. It was loose, straight, and thin, with sloping buttocks and short hemlines. House Dresses were pullover styles free from colored gingham, plaid, vertical stripes, or solid. Women wear fancy dresses for special occasions. At warm weather parties, women wore elaborate evening or tea dresses; fabrics dyed white or pastel. Women wore hats in public. Straw hats, wide-brimmed with ribbons and flowers, were popular for outdoor life. Turbans, berets, and Tam O’Shanter hats were also firmly attached to most women’s heads. In the 1920’s, many women were still wearing their long hair, but they had styled it to make it look shorter, with more wood on the side and some in a bun. Men’s fashions have not changed much. All in all, their dress, their buttoned appearance has become unusual. The colors of the suit were well-respected; African American men sometimes wore bright colors. Men often appeared in public in sports clothes. The popularity of golf has exacerbated the Fashion of wearing knickerbockers, plus-four long, and wide-legged bag pants. Whether slipped straight back or parted on the side, it was usually integrated into the oily hair product.

Top 4 Fashion Icons Of 1920s

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Louise Brooks

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This film personality was a big fashion and beauty icon in the 1920s known for her sleek black bob. Considered a bit of a rebel for her choice in films and affairs with stars like Charlie Chaplin, in a completely badass move, she refused to act in ‘talkies’.

Anna May Wong

The first Asian-American actress in Hollywood, Anna May, hit the big time in The Thief of Bagdad and Piccadilly.

Clara Bow

She the original It Girl that was made in the 1920s, Clara Bow appeared in 58 moves in her career of 11 years. The way she kept the hair tied in a bob bun and thin eyebrow made headlines and was followed for many more years.

Coco Chanel

Gabrielle started Coco Chanel in the 1920s as a store that sold custom hats. Eventually, Chanel expanded her talents by creating the first designer perfume, Chanel N०5, followed by Chanel 22, named after the year it was created. Since then, Coco Chanel has been consistently upgrading women’s Fashion by creating unthinkable clothing ideas that are quite gender-neutral.


These are some of the people, preferably women, who took Fashion to another level in the 1920s. An upsurge of freedom gave young mings purpose and hence resulted in the creation of the finest art when it comes to clothing.

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