Amazing Facts About Versace Brand (Part I) -

Amazing Facts About Versace Brand (Part I)

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Versace is another well-known brand in the world of fashion and designer clothes. Here are some amazing facts about Versace that you might want to know about. This brand was founded in 1978 in Milan and it has been heavily impacting the world of fashion ever since. To this day, it is still is a premium example of luxury Italian clothing and fashion.

Donatella Versace As Muse

Amazing Facts About Versace Brand (Part I)
Amazing Facts About Versace Brand (Part I)

The brand Versace was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. He has a sister named Donatella Versace and records show that they have been very close since time immemorial. Donatella is actually the founder’s biggest muse and inspiration. When Donatella was just eleven years old, she dyed her hair to a blond shade simply because Gianni was able to convince her that the color will suit her really well. That endearing event is actually an inspiration for Gianni years later when he came up with the scent – Blonde. Another sign of his utmost admiration for his sister is when he created and gifted the Versus line in 1989.

The Oroton Dress

Every major fashion designer has a signature. Gianni’s is the dress Oroton. This dress is very memorable because of the gold detailing and emblematic design. This gold piece is from way back in 1982. The fabric is of a sheer and fine net that has the gown’s name. Many variations of different colors have been created since then.

Helped Develop Google Image Searching

Amazing Facts About Versace Brand (Part I)
Amazing Facts About Versace Brand (Part I)

Google image searching is a relatively new feature that revolutionized the way we look for information online. Did you know that Versace played a part in its improvement? This happened way back in the year 2000 when Jennifer Lopez received an image of her Grammy Awards dress from Donatella. The cut is too low, but wearing it anyway instantly triggers so many online searches to look for a photo. That led to Google adding the option to look for results based on preexisting photos.

First Fashion House With A Hotel

Did you know that Versace was the first high-fashion company to establish a hotel under its brand? This happened during the 1980s when the founder Gianni and his sister Donatella furnished and decorated a house they just bought in Miami. They filled it with signature furniture pieces and decorations that reflect their style as Versace. This then led to the creation of two Versace hotels, one in Dubai and one in Australia. Each hotel is teeming with luxury and elegance. Every furniture piece is something that is a design by Gianni. The hotels are the Palazzo Versace. They are also the first ones to ever do this. As of today, there are already other fashion brands that have their own respective hotels and housing establishments in order to accommodate high-profile clientele or anyone who just wants the full luxurious Versace experience.

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