Artsy Fashion Style – Using Colors To Create Your Own Style

Artsy Fashion Style

Artsy fashion style may be a little confusing. Your clothing doesn’t always need to match with your shoes. You think in combination and combining your clothing with colors that will make you stand out.

If you’re an artsy person, you definitely make a big fashion statement by how you dress and how you pair colors together. Big bold prints – blues, blacks, purples and yellows.

You’re not afraid of bold colors when you’re an artsy person either! Bold colors can really make you stand out! It is important to pick colors that fit in with your skin tone as well as the color scheme in your home. You want your eyes and hair to pop out. Colors that make you look brighter or make your eyes stand out are called bright colors.

When you mix colors you want to add more color in your hair and eye colors. You don’t want the colors to be too similar or too different. You want your eyes to stand out and your hair to pop.

Artsy Fashion Style – Bold Colors

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Bold colors can really get your attention. They are very bold. People may ask you where you got them. You can wear your eye colors and use them over again.

You can even use your bold colors to define certain areas of your body. A lot of people wear bright colors around their shoulders and underarms because they are very bold. You can also wear them to highlight the body part that is under the bolder color.

When it comes to clothing, you can choose bolder color combinations for each piece of clothing you wear. You can wear solid colors that don’t blend with one another. Or you can go with a patterned color. You can also go with a bright shade of the same color or mix and match two or more of the same colors to get a bolder look.

Ways To Use Bold Colors

There are so many ways to use bold colors. It’s all up to you and what you feel will work for you. I would recommend finding an article online and looking at how other people use bold colors to create their own look and how they do it. They may be able to help you create your own unique look that will make you stand out.

Some ideas for how to use a bold color are to use a color on one side of your head and then a lighter shade on the other side. Use one color on the top half of your head and then a lighter shade on the bottom half. This creates a very interesting look that works really well with a lot of different accessories.

Another Idea – Bright Colors

Another idea is to wear a very bright color on one side of your face and then wear a dark or very dark color on the other. You can even have the two sides match and make it seem like one single color.

If you have a large nose or chin, you can pull the colors around it a little bit using a bold color on the top and some darker colors on the bottom. This is a really fun way to make it look like one large color.

If you want to try something more conservative, but still bold, try wearing a color on each side of your neck. It will look great because it shows off your features.


The key to any bold color is that you find one that is very bold on one area of the face and a lighter or darker color on another. You should try to make sure that the light colors don’t all have the same amount of color.

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