Best Chanel Fashion Shows In History -

Best Chanel Fashion Shows In History

Chanel is known for its annual fashion shows that stun the public every time. Here are the best Chanel fashion shows ever. Each fashion show is crafted to be an immersive experience that is truly pleasurable to the viewer. Each show is revolutionary and has deeply impacted the world of fashion as we know it.

Spring/Summer 1994

Best Chanel Fashion Shows In History
Best Chanel Fashion Shows In History

This is one of the best fashion shows they have ever held. The entire show is a perfect representation of what exactly 90s fashion looks like. the show features all of the signature looks and pieces that ravaged the fashion world during the 90s, from bucket hats to very prominent and oversized hair clips and accessories. The bikinis also featured the prominent C logo that Chanel is known for. Some of the most iconic models to walk this runway include Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. The show was truly ahead of its time.

Fall/Winter 2008

This is a notable show because it took place during the time when the global fashion crisis was at its peak. The show still exhibited grandeur and magnificence in every aspect. One of the most striking props on the stage was the giant carousel that they built just for the show. The carousel was decked with pearls and giant replicas of some of the most iconic pieces in the Chanel line. It also contained other fabrics associated with Chanel such as denim, knits, and tweeds.

Fall/Winter 2010

Best Chanel Fashion Shows In History
Best Chanel Fashion Shows In History

This is yet another amazing fall/winter fashion show. What made this even more special was it was held during the decline of the global economic recession. The most amazing thing about this show was the Lagerfeld had a real-life iceberg brought in from Scandinavia as the central piece of the show. The iceberg was about nine meters tall and weighs about two hundred and sixty-five. Imagine that size! He then gathered thirty-five skilled ice sculptors and had them carve this iceberg in just six days. Even the entire venue of the show was refrigerated so as to prevent the ice from melting.

Metiers D’Art 2011

This is an iconic show because of its mixtures of various elements that made it remarkable. This show was all about honoring the genius of artisans. It was held in the Grand Palais of Paris. The entire venue was then converted into a circular runway. The runway is very unique because it is the aisle between two long banquets. It is so beautiful to see Indian-inspired fashion with some British high tea elements.

Fall/Winter 2014

This is definitely one of their most unique fashion shows because of the theme. the entire set for the runway is made of grocery aisles and shelves of products. A closer look will reveal that all of the items are emblazoned with the famous logo of Chanel. The products include the typical things you see in the supermarket, from food to cleaning tools. The best part is that everything on the shelves is actually souvenirs for the guests who attended the fashion show.

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