Check Out The Top 90s Fashion Icons!

90s fashion icons

Well, you have seen them everywhere, on posters, in movies wearing flipped dresses or flared jeans and you have loved them wholeheartedly. All of your favorite celebrities from Gigi Hadid to Dua Lipa have rocked the 90s fashion making you love their costumes and their styles. They were 90s fashion icons, so amazing and their style was on top of the world. The 90s era seems so nostalgic but it can be a great inspiration source if you are planning on trying something new based on the old styles! So, let us take a trip back to the 90s and its fashion icons:

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder was one of the successful celebrities of her time, we all know her from the Stranger Things. Her style of the 90s was a little bit of everything with leather moto jackets but she was also seen in casual sweaters that were comfortable as well. Sometimes she would be glamming the red carpet with her gowns. She is the perfect source of inspiration for any 90s look that you can imagine.

Best 90s fashion icons

Liv Tyler

Another 90s fashion icon is Liv Tyler who is known for her mega-hit Armageddon who came to success and kept rising on the stairs to success. She looked mysteriously sweet in all her outfits from the 90s. Yes, She was mostly seen wearing short skirts, cropped tops, mini skirts, etc. She had that flirty and cool look whenever you saw her on the stage or even outside. 

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez won so many hearts with her movie Selena in 1997 and then she went on to become a star herself. She went on to release her first album that was greatly admired by everyone. Now when talking of her style, since she was the coolest actress and singer you have ever seen, even her dressing sense reveals that. She was more comfortable in sportswear and club gears would not have been the same without her influence!

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts saw the way to stardom with so many romcoms that she starred in the 90s with her gorgeous smile melting so many hearts. Now she was such a celebrity who rocked menswear looks bringing it to the mainstream for women as well. She was always experimental with her style and she was bold to carry out vivid fashion styles.

Explore Top 90s fashion icons

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone is the actress known for her stylish clothing with so many people wanting to copy her. She was more of a carefree approach girl when it comes to dressing style. And her perfect natural beauty made her the teen scarlet. She looked surreal in anything she has worn adding a sultry aesthetic to it.

Jennifer Aniston

How can you not remember the Friends that went viral since the first day of its release? Jennifer Aniston, the girl who played Rachel rose to stardom with Friends. Her style was so sophisticated and sexy keeping femininity alive. 


Nothing can go wrong with the 90s style. These 90s fashion icons have ruled our hearts and will do so forever!

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