Current Fashion Icons of 2020

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Here is a list of the famous celebrities who have set a trend in the world in regards to the way they dress. They have set the fashion bar quite high and are regarded as the current fashion icons of 2020. Here is the list.


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Zendaya is quite popular for her daring fashionable looks. She radiates poise and high-sense of taste in clothes and shoes. She dons all kinds of looks quite well, whether it is an urban cool look or a polished red-carpet look. She can work any style she picks. This street style star is the perfect inspiration for all those who want to dress up and look fashionable.

Camila Cabello

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This singer/model has a very young and on-the-edge kind of style. She loves to experiment with different shapes, patterns and colors. She carries any look with confidence and everything looks great on her.

Lily Collins

This epitome of class British model and actress exudes chic elegance and style sense wherever she goes. She has a very feminine sort of fashion sense. She is mostly seen donning florals, light and innocent fashion that pairs quite contrastingly with her dark hair and fair skin. She has a love for skirts and dresses. 

Gigi Hadid

This international supermodel oozes of confidence that is also reflected in her clothes and style. She has been seen donning all genres of fashion quite well. She has a slightly trendy and tomboyish vibe about her. She greatly inspires the youth with her fashion style. Gigi is known to wear the latest pieces of clothes straight off the runway.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, the ex-Duchess of Sussex is always seen oozing class and elegance. She has brought about a modern take on the idea of royalty. She has a very natural and sleek style and chooses her pieces to reflect her style. She prefers muted tones, delicate colors and conservative hemlines. 

Madison Pettis

This style icon, best known for her childhood role in ‘The Game Plan’, has made quite a buzz with her perfectly-styled and fashionable looks. Her dressing sense reflects her young age and confidence. Her everyday wardrobe is more appealing than her sophisticated red-carpet style.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has the rare ability to transform from casual to alluring, to sporty to sophisticated rather quickly. She can pull off any trend quite well, but does have an air of urban class along with her avant-garde looks. 

Blake Lively

This timeless beauty mixes classic femininity with boldness and that is showcased quite clearly in her dressing style. She carries any outfit with full confidence and elegance and her style continues to inspire many young designers and admirers across the globe. 

This is our list of some of the most inspirational and admirable fashion icons currently ruling the world in the year 2020. You can take many examples and ideas from their wardrobe in the year 2020.

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