Dress Up Your iPhone With Cool Fashion Style Games

fashion style games

Fashion style games are a lot of fun to play. They are easy to pick up since most people have some type of knowledge of the styles and designs that we see on TV, in magazines, and everywhere else. We can learn about colors and the different combinations that make them look good. We also can get a feel for what kinds of clothes will make us look good.

Fashion Magazines For Fashion Tips

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Let’s say that you want to get into the latest fashions. You may have noticed that there is a lot of clothing that is being advertised in fashion magazines. This is good since this is where you can find the styles that are the most popular. However, if you are a real fashion fan then you know that the styles are usually not what they are on TV or in the magazines. Most times the models are actually older models who look even older on the pages of these fashion magazines. This means that there is a good chance that you might be embarrassed wearing the fashions that you see on TV or in magazines that you pay for.

When you play fashion style games, you can pretend that you are a fashion model and try to get the attention of the public. These games are fun and exciting because the entire point is to look as good as possible. Since you are supposed to look good, you are going to have to work out and spend a lot of time practicing. If you are not the best at sports, then the games are not really for you.

Game For Fashion Style Tips

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One game that you can play is the celebrity fashion style game. In this game you have to choose the outfits of several famous people. They range from the famous movie stars to the political figures. All of them have different outfits and all of them are supposed to be fashionable and sexy. You will also have to choose which make up colors they are going to wear. You are given 8 hours to finish designing the outfit and choosing the make up colors.

A popular game of fashion style games is one in which you have to create a fashion design. For example you can be given a virtual booth and have to make clothes for the buyer. The clothes should be as accurate as possible and you will have to create clothes according to what the buyer wants. This is a great way to learn how to design according to trends and your customer needs.

Disney World Fashion Style Game

Another popular fashion style games is one that allows you to design the clothes for the entire Disney world. In this game you will need to create designs for many of the famous Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie. You can create clothing according to the era that the characters lived in. For example, Mickey was once a cowboy and Minnie once a princess. You will need to create clothing for them all including night dresses and gowns. This game may be challenging for those who don’t like to put a lot of thought into the designs.


If you have children, they will love using the app stores to learn new things. They can practice their creativity and fashion sense while having fun with fashion style games on the app. You may also want to get them started with iPhone applications such as iRide FX or iSketch. These two examples of iPhone applications are great for teaching children about colors, learning about patterns and having fun with fashion games. They can practice their skills on the application and later download it to use on their iPhones.

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