Fashion Icons 1950s – The Inspiration You Should Know About

Fashion Icons 1950s

The fashion was taken into next era in the 1950s, the fashion icons 1950s who are still taken as fashion inspiration has nailed the vintage looks with sexy pencil skirts and lip colors, which even today many reflect those looks in occasions, all the fashion styles which were created in 1950s were all unique in their way, and if you want to learn to style like fashion icons 1950s, then you need a clear examination of which look to adapt.

Fashion Icons 1950s Women:

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Here are a few fashion icons 1950s, so you can recreate them in the right way without missing out on a detail.

Marilyn Monroe:

She defined a correct definition with the glam she has, she created a great influence of fashion for decades, she is one of the well-known fashion icons 1950s, she is popular for her platinum blonde hair, red lipstick, and her most beautiful beauty spot, she also slew the casual attires out of her films which made her even more great fashion influencer of all time.

Andrey Hepburn:

She is such an elegant fashion inspiration, she proved that being simple is always more than what you think is more, she stood as the best example for simplicity of fashion, she slew the simple looks, and her collaboration with Givenchy shaped complete 1950s fashion, his first costume was made of gold embroidery on a long gown which was her costume for a film, and this set the fashion on simplicity stage which is so delighted to watch and her hairstyle was a trademark for sixty years down the line.

Grace Kelly:

She is one of the most photographed fashion icons 1950s, her wardrobe has a good collection of the cotton skirt, cut coats, etc, she was a glamour girl who was seen beautiful on and even off the screen, all the costumes she wears set the fashion step, but her wedding dress was beyond anything, that was the best costume she wore all along her journey of fashion, her wedding gown became the inspiration for royal wedding till 2011.

Fashion Icons 1950s Men:

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James Dean:

He is the most handsome and an iconic man, he created an effortless style in fashion icons 1950s, he rarely prefers accessories, his tyle was always basic and minimalist, he kept his look so simple and all that styled him was his leather jacket and blue denim jeans and always collar up, his hairstyle was a trademark.


He was famous as the poster boy of the 1950s, he owned an own brand named preppy billy, his style was biker chic and high waisted trouser.

Popular Styles Of 1950s:

The most popular clothing that you can follow are most of the fashion idols 1950s wore were, jeans, narrow skirts, billowy skirts, small puff sleeves, blouses these were the casual outfits which are styled in 1950s.

The famous haircuts of the 1950s you can recreate are, poddle cut, bouffant, pixie, duck tail, curly.

Men in 1950s style mostly wore, brim vintage hat in black brown, blue or green in color, polo shirts, bomber jackets, light gab jackets, high waisted pants, dark color denim jeans, skinny belt, sweaters, etc, you can reflect these costumes just to look like 1950s.

Plaid was the most popular print on clothing for women and men, plaids were the major part of the style of every fashion idols 1950s.


The style which was born in the 1950s was a treasure, the transformation of 1950s fashion was continued all this long, it will be a great experience if you try to reflect the fashion of 1950s, and recreating the fashion idols 1950s. you will find a new beauty in yourself.

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