Fashion Icons From Small Towns of India

modern day fashion icons

The modern day fashion icons are some of the most copied fashion designers of all time. These are the people who not only revolutionized the fashion industry but also made it more popular than ever before. Some of the best modern day fashion icons include Dior, Gucci, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana. These are just a few of the best designers out there today and they all have one thing in common; they are considered the modern day fashion icons. Here are some of the modern day fashion trends that are considered to be some of the best.

An Overview

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First up on our list of modern day fashion icons are the Indian designers – Biswa Dalmia and Premchandrinath. These two designers are perhaps the most famous gayatri Devi couple of India. Both of them started their careers when they were still teenagers and over a period of time their styles and gracefulness have improved so much that they are now considered as the best gayatri dyers of the world. The most noteworthy thing about these two is that they use a lot of different colors for their clothing and yet they still manage to keep the traditional Indian charm and panache. In terms of jewelry these two are also some of the best designers in the field today.

Second on our list of modern Indian fashion icons are the Rajasthan based designers – Subodh Gupta and Sukhwinder Singh. These two are among the first artists to come up with the concept of fusion clothing. This fashion trend which later became popular all over the world came into being as a result of their association with the fashion industry. Most of the rajasthani designers today are still known for their unique fusion clothes which are considered to be the largest franchise in the fashion industry of India today.

Indian Fashion Icons From Small Town

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Next on our list of modern day Indian fashion icons are the fashion stylists who has been associated with the elite Indian art and design industry. Among the renowned names here are Anish Chaturthi, Ritu Kumar and Sailoz Mukherjea. The three have created a niche for themselves in the fashion industry of India. Their combined efforts have led to a great rise in their popularity and their styles have been worn by celebrities and Bollywood beauties from all over the world.

Another small but an important city in the north Indian region of India is Khajuraho. This city is famous for its erotic sculptures which can be found all around the city. Among these famous sculptures are the ones by Ajatsatru and Devi Ahilya. All these statues symbolize the eternal sexual desire of women. All these artists have become modern day legends in the field of fashion and their works have been displayed in numerous museums all over the world.

A little further north you will find the capital of Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar. Here one can find both the traditional and modern city life at its best. Many award winning designers have settled down here and they work hard year in and year out to promote their brands. In the recent past, a great number of people have joined the urban fashion market in this city mainly because of its appealing natural beauty and the warm hospitality that the people indulge in. One can also visit Srinagar and explore the Dal Lake and see how people swim in the sacred lake.

Other than these major cities, there are also other small towns in India which are famous for their excellent handicrafts and handicraft products. Here one can find everything from carpets to jewelry and potteries. Some of the most famous names here are Pahalgam and Srinagar. Some of the best markets here are the Gopura and the Market Street.

In The End

Most of the famous designers come from small towns and villages of India. They take much time to create a collection that will last for years. They also make every effort to provide the customers with modern designs that are not only affordable but also very fashionable. So, visit any shopping mall in your city and you will find something that will make you stand out from the rest. Go for a trendy dress and show everyone the latest fashion trends that have caught the fancy of many global designers.

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