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Style Savvy: Women Mode 3: Kirakira Coord from Japan and as Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 2, Fashion Forward on the PAL region is a fashion-based simulation video game. This is the third installment of the “Fashion Savvy” series, which is also available on other consoles. The character of gameplay is none other than the famous Japanese idol, Hatsune Miku. The game puts players into the shoes of Miku, who lives in the town of Lenka. This town is one of the cutest towns ever, located in the countryside near the seaside.

Hatsune Miku

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Hatsune Miku starts off as a shy but kind little kid who wears a pink piggy bank shirt. After her mom’s death, she moves home with her grandmother. She then joins the Lenka girl’s club where she practices her singing, dancing, sewing and bug catching skills. She then enters the fashion design school of Gourika Shioda. Here, she meets Eriko Aida, who is his childhood friend.

Together, with her new friend, Eriko enrolls herself in the fashion design internship under the tutelage of Ritsu Tainaka. The two soon realize that they have a talent for this style, and with the help of mentor Yuka Ozaki they are able to perfect their craft. During their first semester in Gourika, they encounter their first set of bullies. The three of them manage to defend themselves, and later on, when one of the bullies suddenly gets injured, they learn that the reason behind the injury is… boredom!

Inspired By The Kindness

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It all seems so haphazard and meaningless at first, but somehow, their creativity eventually comes out as they are inspired by the kindness and concern of their seniors at Gourika. This, in turn, earns them the admittance into Tainaka’s fashion design incubator. With Tainaka’s innovative eye, they become successful in the program and become the very first ever students to be placed in a prestigious tutelage program!

After graduation, they return to Gourika in search of a more challenging and exciting job. But things are not what they expected: they are hired by Naoto Yamada, who is the owner of a well know fashion magazine. However, things don’t go well for them immediately: they are initially instructed to design the company’s line of clothing, and are taken aback by the harshness of their boss’ instructions. Luckily enough, one of their classmates, Yuichiro Hyakuya, happens to be the exact opposite of Naoto. While Naoto’s usual style is conservative, Hyakuya’s is more adventurous – so they form a great tandem and start creating some of Gourika’s best designs ever!

Sweetness And Light With Gourika

However, things aren’t all sweetness and light with Gourika: in an effort to keep up with the fast-paced fashion industry, they accidentally get caught up in a case of identity theft. In order to clear their name, they need to get out of the fashion business and into it full-time! Meanwhile, Yuichiro continues to pursue his dream job as a fashion designer – and meets a lovely girl named Miki. Things take a turn for the worse, though, when they discover that their services will be required once again, this time for Naoto Yamada’s latest line!

Final Thoughts

They are finally free – but, along the way, they find themselves stealing the spotlight from the “perfect” young Japanese star of the show. Their mentor decides to throw a big party to honor Yuichiro… Only one thing stands between them and their path to fame and fortune: Yuichiro! Will they able to overcome their styling disasters and win over their audience, or will they be forever tied to their past? Read on!

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