How To Spot Real Fur From Faux Fur -

How To Spot Real Fur From Faux Fur

Real fur is significantly better when it comes to fashion pieces but you need to know how to spot real fur from faux fur in order to get your money’s worth. There is nothing wrong with using faux fur but you might be overcharged if you cannot tell the difference between the two. You can see real fur on various luxurious fashion items, from purses to clothes.


How To Spot Real Fur From Faux Fur
How To Spot Real Fur From Faux Fur

This is actually a no-brainer but you might want to check the label first above everything else. Check the tag and see the indication. If there is no label that it is in fact real fur, then there is a very high chance that its manufacturer is trying to conceal the fact that it is fake. Real fur needs tags so that the owner can take the necessary steps to properly take care of and preserve the fabric. Do not depend merely on the label because there are still false advertisements. Refer to the next steps to determine the status of your fur.

Another trick is to check the label and look at the brand name. there are numerous brand names that are known to use real fur while there are others that are popular for not using it. Brands like The Gap and H&M do use synthetic fur. You can expect real fur from high-fashion brands like Gucci or Chanel.

Price Tag

The price of the item says a lot about its realness but do not let it be the sole determiner. Real fur is so much harder to come by which is why they cost significantly more than fake fur. The price may also vary depending on the amount of fur that is sewn into the garment so be wary of that.

Feel It

How To Spot Real Fur From Faux Fur
How To Spot Real Fur From Faux Fur

Touch the fur to verify its originality. The first characteristic of real fur is its irregularity. They are harvested from animals which means that their surface isn’t perfect. But it does feel very soft and sleek, comparable to how it feels to pet a cat. Faux fur does not feel as comfortable. The synthetic quality makes it uncomfortable to pet and it may even be sticky sometimes.

Burn Test

This test is the ultimate test in determining the fur’s authenticity. Simply take out a few strands and then place it on a safe surface, like a ceramic plate. Burn the strands and watch their reactions. Real fur will react similarly to burning hair. It will singe at the sides and smell like so. Faux fur will react like burnt plastic. That means they will go up in flames and smell like melted plastic. These reactions are based on their composition.

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