How to Stand Out in the 70s Fashion Icon Style

70's fashion icons

70’s fashion icons don’t come much more popular than they do these days. The styles and fashions of today are not even close to what they had to offer in those glorious days of the decade. However, if you’re looking for the very best in fashion, there are plenty of stores out there to help you get back in step with the times. So here’s a brief run-through of some of the most popular 70’s fashion icons, and what’s out there in the market today to ensure you’re still on track to be ahead of the trend.

There’s a reason why denim is the very first thing we think of when we say 70’s fashion – it works. It’s versatile, practical, and utterly cool. That said, you need to look good in denim. If you’re wearing jeans for example, then make sure your denim is dyed in the appropriate color. If you’re wearing black jeans, then pair them up with a patterned t-shirt and your denim will really pop. Remember to wash denim properly; it’s one of those fabrics that can shrink rather easily, so it’s best to avoid washing it in the sink or bathtub and hang dry it if you can.

But what about the classic elements of a great outfit? Well, what about the iconic graphic tee? Yes, denim again! Graphic tees come in many styles, from the super slim straight leg to the stretchable crew neck tees. They’re classic in their simplicity and perfect for all kinds of 70’s fashion icons. You can find these at just about any fashion store.

70’s Fashion Icons

Once you’ve got your tees, you can then move on to your overalls and jackets. These are classic too, but try a bit of variety with them. A really good way to play with the colors of your overalls is to wear a tie with the shirt you’re wearing. This works especially well with solid colored shirts, such as the classic navy blue.

A great jacket to wear with a denim shirt is a cardigan. Cardigans have been around since the ‘60s and are still as popular as ever. Try one with a pattern or with an interesting graphic. Remember to keep it simple!

Speaking of great prints, another great accessory for your 70’s fashion outfit is a scarf. Scarves can be used to add warmth to a jacket or cardigan, and are also great for going out with. The great thing about a scarf is that it’s available in so many styles and colors now. From animal print to polka dot, you can find the perfect scarf for your needs.

Shoes, obviously, are essential when you’re looking at what to wear with your 70’s outfit. You need something comfortable but not too comfortable. This is why leather shoes are such a great option. They offer a good balance between being stylish and being comfy.

A Much Ado

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To complete your look, you should get accessories such as a bag or even a small wallet to hold all your accessories and cash. No matter how great your outfit is, it’s always advisable to keep an eye on your budget. Too much credit card debt can mean trouble. Don’t let yourself become another victim!

Another thing that you’ll need to think about when it comes to dressing like one of the classic fashion icons is the shoes you choose. Remember, the footwear you wear has an effect on how you look, so pick something you’ll feel comfortable in. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. There are a number of shoes that are affordable today, so you can create a fantastic outfit without having to break the bank.

Remember, the clothing and accessories you put together should never match. You don’t want to end up looking like a clown, but you do want to make sure that your look holds true to your real personality. For example, if you’re into jazz then it’s best to wear a white shirt, a blouse and a pair of jeans. The trick is to look polished but still have a sense of fun.

Bottom Line

If you’re going to try and emulate some of the 70’s fashion icons, then you’ll need to think about accessories as well. You want to make sure you dress in a way that will make you stand out in a good way. However, make sure you don’t overdo it, otherwise, you’ll look like a walking punch line! Keep these things in mind when it comes to trying to be a great fashion icon.

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