Latest Fashion Trends Africa – Top Picks For Women This Season

latest fashion styles africa

Africa is the world’s second biggest continent with 54 nations so the design patterns there are different and vary highly from place to place. Conventional African apparel, for example, dashiki and kaftan, and the latest fashion trends of Africa are highly different and contrasted as compared to the other places of the world and are frequently inspired by: culture, dialects, wildlife, nature, food and music.

There are additionally many general patterns utilized in African style that are likewise famous around the globe. They regularly emerge from season to season including florals, African print texture and brilliant tones.

While African design has consistently been strong and delightful, this blog will talk about the latest fashion trends in Africa for 2021 and how you can fuse African garments into your closet.

Large Sleeves Also Known As Bell Bottom Sleeves

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Popularly known as puffy sleeves, for example, ringer and trumpet shapes, when added to dresses and pullovers definitely look fun, stylish, exquisite, girly and refined.

They are an extraordinary method to get seen and make a fashion statement in the event that you go for an uproarious and emotional sleeve like large laces and frills. For a more straightforward, milder and ladylike look go for bishop style sleeves.

When wearing the bell bottom sleeves, it is prescribed to keep the rest of your look simple and exemplary with the goal that you don’t take away all the attention from the sleeves and look excessively fussy.

Off The Shoulder Tops And Dresses

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The ‘off the shoulder’ look was a famous pattern in the 1980’s and is a style explanation that is staying put in 2020. It can help make a basic outfit look more alluring by adding more glitz and polish. This unique, elegant and versatile design pattern is exceptionally simple to style and is mainstream with long length dresses and tops.

Side Slits

Side cuts are a popular pattern and a staggering element for long skirts and dresses. They can assist with stretching your outline making you look taller. The cut ought not begin too high or low however so the perfect measure of leg shows. If you pair this with the right top and accessories, you are sure to slay the day without even making the effort.


The kimono customarily comes from Japan yet maybe because of the hot and muggy atmosphere of numerous African nations this cool, breezy and comfortable piece of clothing style has gotten stylish.

Kimonos are made using an assortment of materials including cotton, silk and (how can we miss!) satin. A kimono can be made in various lengths and can change the look of any outfit.

They are reasonable for both casual and eveningwear (contingent upon the plan) and can likewise be worn all alone as a dress rather than a different layer of attire.

Now that you know what’s ruling the design world in Africa, which one would you pick to spruce up your look? Are you as excited as us? Let us know in the comments below!

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