Mens Fashion Icons to Influence your Style

mens fashion icons

They say clothes make the man, but sometimes it’s the other way around. Over the course of the 20th Century, there have lived a select few men whose sartorial charisma and natural flair was so potent that they helped shape modern menswear in their image.

These are the guys who taught the world how tailoring should look, how to dress with personality and the importance of a good haircut. They set fashion trends as opposed to following them and revolutionised the contents of wardrobes across the world in the process.

If you’re stuck in a styling rut and lost for inspiration, look no further than these few style icons of the 20th Century for guidance.

Clint Eastwood

Mens Fashion

There are few men capable of making us consider a wraparound poncho as a viable outerwear option, but Clint Eastwood is one of them. The American actor brought some of the western genre’s biggest blockbusters to life and became something of a fashion icon in the process. He embodied rough-and-ready, masculine style like no one else and was a master of rugged textures and coarse fabrics.


Mens Fashion

When we think of Elvis today, it’s usually the jumpsuited, glittering, showtime version that first comes to mind. Iconic, yes, but probably not something the average man should try to emulate. Away from the stage, however, is where Elvis really shone from a menswear perspective. The high-waisted trousers, Cuban-collar shirts and Harrington jackets he favoured throughout the 1950s marked him out as a style icon and formed the dressing habits of a generation. Not to mention his signature pompadour and its influence on modern men’s hair.

Robert Redford

A Hollywood legend and sartorial icon of classic cinema, Robert Redford’s preppy, all-American style served to inform the 1960s’ and 1970s’ ideals of masculine dressing. His khakis and loafers were in stark contrast to the rugged, rebellious look made famous by his contemporaries Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen but arguably did just as much to influence modern menswear for the better.

Marvin Gaye

From his sharply tailored Motown days to the pre-hipster chic he adopted in the latter decade of his life, Marvin Gaye was always a man who knew what worked for him. He understood how to deploy statement pieces, and often wore red somewhere within the chambray and denim-heavy outfits he favoured during the 1970s. That said, nothing he wore ever felt contrived. It was almost as if he’d simply thrown his clothes on without a second’s thought and was unaware of just how fantastic they looked.

Paul Newman

Actor, director, philanthropist, entrepreneur, race car driver – Paul Newman’s career history reads like a list of everything a 10-year-old boy wishes to be when he grows up (and every fully-grown man for that matter). But it wasn’t just on the big screen or the race track that he excelled, he was also a master of menswear. Whether in an immaculately tailored suit or a simple white Oxford shirt and chinos, he always looked the part.

This is a list of the biggest men’s fashion icons that you can follow.

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