Most Interesting Facts About Gucci (Part I) -

Most Interesting Facts About Gucci (Part I)

When you talk about high-end fashion, it is inevitable to hear the name Gucci. Here are some of the most interesting facts about Gucci. These bits of information will make you more familiar with the global brand Gucci as well as its humble beginnings. Its global domination is truly inspiring and it just makes you appreciate their products even more.


Most Interesting Facts About Gucci (Part I)
Most Interesting Facts About Gucci (Part I)

The company is actually a very old one at that. It was founded way back in 1921 in Florence, Italy. Its founder is the legendary man, Guccio Gucci after whom the brand was named. The founder had a previous career in the Savoy Hotel in London. His time in that area made him knowledgeable on how to incorporate English aristocracy into high fashion.

As a matter of fact, one of his biggest inspirations in fashion happens to be aristocratic horse riders or equestrians. That explains why so many of his early pieces are for horseback riding. The line is inclusive of various equestrian gear as well as leather in the deep brown shade.

Entry Into America

This brand is global as of today but its first branch abroad from its origin is America. The brand Gucci first entered the United States of America via New York. This happened back in 1953. It is also the first luxury Italian brand to ever enter the country.

Sudden Boom

Most Interesting Facts About Gucci (Part I)
Most Interesting Facts About Gucci (Part I)

Its sudden boom as a business actually happened during the Second World War. The era was particularly taxing for high-fashion brands because of a scarcity in various raw materials, particularly leather. Italy was placed under a strict dictatorship that rationed each and every fashion material in order to serve the military. Gucci just became more creative in terms of the raw materials they use to craft their pieces. They shifted to other materials like linen as well as the burnished cane. This gave birth to one of their most famous pieces – the burnished cane bag that is also known as the Bamboo bag. This bag is so popular that it is still being manufactured and distributed up to this day, nearly eight decades after its creation. Some even say that Gucci can credit their success to this particular product.

Iconic Inspirations

There are so many famous and iconic individuals from which the brand drew inspiration for their products. Some of these notable people include Marilyn Monroe and Winston Churchill. Their fashion sense and their preferences in the way they dress up posed as an inspiration for Gucci.

There are also plenty of other interactions between the brand and famous individuals. Famous rapper 2 Chainz requested burial in a Gucci store when he dies. Special items were crafted for members of the royalty. These custom-made pieces are under mass-production for everybody else to purchase.

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