Most Interesting Facts About Gucci (Part II) -

Most Interesting Facts About Gucci (Part II)

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Here is the second part of the most interesting facts about Gucci. Gucci is a beloved and famous brand in the world of luxury and high fashion. They have been around for almost a century and they have influenced the fashion world in more ways than one. Their expensive price tags and exclusivity are just some of the things that make them so desirable and sought-after.

Record Breaker

Most Interesting Facts About Gucci (Part II)
Most Interesting Facts About Gucci (Part II)

Did you know that the brand has its very own record in the Guinness World Records? They created and released “Genius Jeans” which sold for three thousand dollars per pair back in the 1990s. That is their first record ever. It has then been overtaken by the brand Levi’s which now holds the most expensive jeans in circulation.

The Gucci Museum

Another thing that makes this brand iconic is that it has its very own museum in which individuals can enter and admire its colorful fashion history in its entirety. The museum is located Palazzo della Mercanzia in Piazza dela Signoria. It was inaugurated in 2011 which is in honor of the 90th year of existence of the legendary brand. The museum is filled with so many historically relevant elements that explain the rise of Gucci to the global success that it is today. There are also many different iconic clothes, bags, and fashion accessories on display. The museum is actually three stories tall and brimming with thematic pieces.

It Has Noble Causes

Most Interesting Facts About Gucci (Part II)
Most Interesting Facts About Gucci (Part II)

Gucci isn’t just a fashion giant that is designed to generate as much money as possible. It has plenty of philanthropic associations that support its noble causes. It was very vocal about its intention to pair up with UNICEF in service of humanity. The brand aims to cater to children in need, to boost literacy, and to make clean and potable water readily accessible to the members of various third-world nations.
They are also popular for their project called Chime For Change. This is their contribution to the empowerment of women all over the world. They focus on empowering young women globally and they have financed two hundred different projects so far.

First Runway Of Gucci

Did you know that the first runway show of Gucci occurred six decades after it was founded? Runway shows are the ways by which brands sell their products. They showcase their pieces on the runway for guests to see. The first-ever fashion and runway show was held in Florence, Italy. The next one was in Westminster Abbey in London. That made them the first-ever luxury and fashion brand to hold one in order to boost their sales.

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