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trendy fashion styles

Are you getting ready for some great fun with trendy fashion? Join the fabulous little dolls in an exciting dress up game for little girls and be their favorite fashion adviser in the lovely world of fashion today!

The two tiny dolls are trying to look like their favorite fashion celebrities. Each doll starts out in a room with nothing but a suitcase and a bottle of perfume. The job is to choose one of three different outfits and get ready to hop from room to room while trying to mimic the look. The outfits must be fit for a celebrity, so choose carefully. The first outfit can be a casual dress, then an elegant top, and finally a chic skirt.

Each Girl Waxes Herself

A person sitting on a chair

Once all three looks are chosen, they are now ready to head to the spa where each of them will “get waxed”. As each girl waxes herself, her hair is exposed and it is up to the players to make the most of the situation. This game can be very tense as the last two at the bottom are often the most favorite. The first two can be strangled and the last two may have to be cut. Each time a new style is tried, the two that last are eliminated.

After all the waxing has been done, the girls are ready to try on their new outfits. They enter rooms where they put on the clothes that they had put on earlier, except they have to adjust their clothes inside. If the clothes don’t fit, then they have to throw them out and start over. When all the outfits are adjusted, they head back to the start room and the latest trendy look is try on.

The Clothes Have To Stay In Good Shape

A bunch of clothes hanging on a wall

This game is just like the clothing game, but with a twist. There is no end goal because the clothes have to stay in good shape until the next room is called. The clothes can change in midair as well so it’s hard to say if any of the clothes are trendy or not. It’s kind of like a limbo contest.

The last two in this fashion trend are the judges and the audience. The judges look at the two girls in front of them and then give them a score depending on the style they chose. The score is given based on how fashionable the two girls are while following the trends of the time.

Trendy Outfit

To win, you must wear the least trendy outfit while choosing the most trendy style. The outfits have to be high quality and elegant, but not expensive. If the judges decide you are the trendy girl, you walk away with the prize. If not, you have to spend some time trying to figure out what else you are lacking.

It can be hard to wear the best outfit every time, so it is great that there are many options to choose from. You can always mix and match clothes with each other and come up with something completely new. While these types of clothes are not for everyone, you might want to look into them so you can create a new look that is trendy and beautiful at the same time.

Cocktail Dresses

One of the oldest and most popular of all fashion styles is cocktail dresses. This dress style has been around since the 1960’s. They are perfect for every event and location because they are easy to move in and out of. This fashion style has changed quite a bit over the years and there are many different colors and styles to choose from.

One of the most important things to remember when wearing a dress like a cocktail dress is to stay away from tight clothing. Tight clothing can show too much skin, which makes the girls look even smaller. The dress should have a natural flow to it. You will also want to avoid wearing bright colors, such as pinks, blues, and yellows. These will only draw more attention to your body and make you stand out even more. If you must wear one of these colors, choose just one color so that the color does not dominate over the rest of your body.


With the large amount of fashionable trends available, you should be able to find an entire style of clothing for every occasion. These trendy fashion styles will help you feel beautiful, whether you are attending an event, club, or simply shopping. Remember to choose colors, patterns, and fabrics that suit your own personal tastes. Make sure to get tips from your friends, family, and browse through photos on the internet to see what kind of fashion look you are going for.

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