See How Fashion Industry Icons Can Become Your Role Models

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Do you want to become like fashion industry icon? And also want to adopt every single thing of them? The fashion industry continuously introduces us to unique styles every season; the fashion industry wouldn’t be where it is right now without fashion industry icons. Nowadays, celebrities are allowed to take images of their outfit & share them with their fans, family and friends on social media. However, women who discovered these iconic styles did not have the same opportunities, so if we still consider them fashion industry icons, they must know what they were doing! Although some celebrities get criticism for what they carry on the red carpet, out to dinner, or to the grocery store, this was not the criteria for the stars of previous generations. So, here we’ll show you a glimpse of some famous fashion industry icons to be in the latest trends.

List Of Fashion Industry Icons

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1. Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe, or Norma Jean Mortenson, was a well-known singer & actress during the 1950s. However, she wasn’t just restricted to her performance giving abilities, but for her fashion too.

The most iconic look of her is no doubt the white halter dress that she wore for The Seven Year Itch movie, which has become the resemblance for anyone reflecting Monroe’s style.

2. Cher: Fashion Industry Icons

Cher has a huge style evolution that started in the 1970s because of the fact that she was in a relationship with Bob Mackie – a famous costume designer.

She wore unique and jaw-dropping looks on the stage but on the red carpet too.

3. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is the greatest model of the 1980s & 1990s after getting discovered at 15 years of age.

She has walked on many runways and is the first woman to get officially crowned as a “supermodel” by the fashion industry.

She became the first woman to get featured on the cover of French Vogue magazines.

4. Cindy Crawford: Fashion Industry Icons

She’s the most popular supermodel of all time. Crawford also became successful on the runways in the 1980s & 1990s, just like Cindy Crawford.

The red Versace dress that she wore at the Oscars in 1991 became a phenomenal look worldwide.

5. Diana Ross

Diana Ross becomes the most influential fashion industry icon of all time. She could easily switch from funky looks to classic gowns in a fraction of seconds – and look adorable in all of them.

6. Twiggy: Fashion Industry Icons

Those who are interested in fashion in the 1960s get deeply influenced by Twiggy. She was a well-known model of her era because of her thin frame, short hair and long eyelashes.

She had a type of bisexual personality that was exciting, and the world loved it too.

7. Audrey Hepburn

Hepburn has had an unbeatable influential level in fashion. Her classic pearl, necklaces, long gloves, and sophisticated gowns have become staples in designers’ collections through the years.

Conclusion On Fashion Industry Icons

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