Slacks vs Dress Pants Is There a Difference

Slacks vs. Dress Pants

Now, you might be asking, how on earth is it possible for there to exist a debate regarding the difference between slacks and dress pants. After all, countless sources can agree that both terms refer to types of trousers. So why does it seem like some claim the two are different? Well, we shall explain.

What are slacks

Dress Pants

Technically, slacks are anything that falls between formal dress pants and casual jeans, although there is a wide range of activities you can wear them. Slacks used to be a lot formal, but recently they have been worn a lot more informally, and it has even gotten so far as wearing them for semi-formal occasions.

Slacks are widely available in different colors, such as black, grey, or brown; this means that you can wear them alongside a dress shirt and a blazer to give it a formal, more on the dressy side. However, if you add some unique color like lime green or bright orange (with some stripes), it can be turned into informal wear that is suited for more casual occasions. You can even wear them on your days off!

What are dress pants?

Dress Pants

Dress pants are a white-collar equivalent of the suit, combining a pair of dress slacks with a dress shirt and a blazer. Usually made from wool or cotton, they provide an elegant appearance that you can wear for semi-formal events such as dinner dates, parties, conferences, and more!

That’s right. Dress pants are the working man’s equivalent of a suit. They usually come in solid colors like black, charcoal grey, navy blue, and occasionally tan; this makes them perfect for when you visit your boss or when you want to make an impression at the office. It is worth mentioning that they can sometimes be seen in pinstripe or houndstooth patterns, but these are rare.

What’s the difference?

It appears as though this classic debate begins and ends with the English language. In other words, the use of these terms varies from place to place. It can be a result of several factors, including geographical distinctions and cultural differences. For instance, Britons use “pants” to refer to all types of trousers. In addition, it is common for Latino communities to use the word “pantalón” to refer to all trousers, including casual and formal pairs.

Well, in short, dress pants are made to be more formal. Slacks are used for both semi-formal events and casual occasions! One surprising difference between the two is how they are worn. 

Generally, when people wear dress pants, they don’t tuck in their shirts. However, with slacks, it’s not uncommon to tuck your shirt into the pants.

This is because dress slacks tend to be tighter since they are supposed to be more formal and make you look classy.

On the other hand, casual slacks offer a good amount of breathing room and comfort, which means you can wear them with your shirt tucked in or not. Dress pants provide an almost stuffy feeling that makes it easy to notice if someone is not tucked in their shirt.

Now that you know the difference between slacks and dress pants, you can impress your friends and make a great first impression by knowing the difference!

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