Some 2020 Fashion Trends to Follow

2020 fashion trends

Whether you are walking to the office or having lunch with friends, you can wrap a pair of lace-up high heels around the ankles of leggings, jeans or trousers. Pair it with matching jackets, coats or off-the-shoulder tops to add icing on the cake. This is a new interpretation of the classic.

Oversized Victorian sleeves

The Victorian sleeves take you back to the 19th century. Its oversized profile creates the illusion of a slim waist and adds a touch of femininity to your overall. Choose pastel colours in spring, or use black or grey to release your inner Gothic princess.  Platform boots with soft dresses. Grunge returns to fashion with these soft dresses and thick boots. Whether you are a fan of bold patterns or prefer block colours, a fitted, extra-long waist is an easy way to show off the feminine side of women.

Long faux leather coat

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When the temperature drops, put on a faux fur coat to keep warm and warm. If you prefer elegance, high fashion or modern style with a rock and roll atmosphere, these longline items are perfect for you. Use bold colours like red or emerald to change everything, or let everyone leave the park in an all-black suit.

Pastel Bucket Hats

This cute and fashionable accessory is stunning at any time of the year, and it is versatile and can match almost anything. It will block the sun in a cute way.

Faux leather jumpsuit

Elevate your entire wardrobe with a faux fur jumpsuit. These versatile and avant-garde items can be used as a complete one-piece suit, very cute; you can wear them to participate in any event! Wear all pink clothes to release the Barbie doll in your heart, or show the beauty of bicycle fashion by keeping the fresh black.

Matching pattern tops and leggings

Keeping consistent with matching tops and leggings. No matter what your style is, from feminine to punk, you can confidently rock cool patterns. Stand out from the crowd with different shades of prints or use one shade to simplify your entire outfit.

Square Toe High Heel 

Uses a square toe style as a traditional heel touch. Although it can still elongate your legs, it adds a special feel to your ensemble in a unique way. Wear sandals to keep your feet free or wear a pair of booties to transition into the colder months. Moreover you can also secure your belongings in bucket bags. Louis Vuitton founded it in 1932 to keep champagne fresh, and it has become the most fashionable accessory trend. These bags have a long and round design, provide plenty of space, and are very cute. Match the shade to the rest of your clothes, or show your personality by wearing a completely different colour.

Oversized gold chain necklace

This is a trend that will never go out of fashion: gold chain necklaces. This season, choose an oversized look for your outfit. No matter where you go, these accessories can complement any outfit. Wear it alone or with other jewellery, you will not need anything else.


Great changes have taken place in both aspects, the clothes on the show, the people in the front row and the wear of these people, but the concept of trends has remained the same. Although designers wandering between arbitrary references in different seasons no longer feel modern, certain themes, elements and silhouettes inevitably merge together to form the overall message of a season.

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