The Popularity Of The 70’s Fashion Style

70's fashion style

The 70’s fashion style is back and it has some great ladies knickers options. Ladies knitwear designers are creating exciting new knitted jackets, cardigans and boleros that are sure to be a big hit when the season restarted this year. The fashion world is going crazy for these retro inspired items and many of them are being sold out as soon as they hit stores. This means you have to keep your eyes open and look for the best deals.

A really cool option for ladies knitwear is the crochet sweater. Knitwear enthusiasts have been wearing this style for years and there are many styles to choose from. The newest addition to the collection is the retro triangle sweater. This piece of knitwear comes in two colors, one with an orange and pink stripe and the other is black and white with alternating stripes. There are many different sizes, so there is a size for every woman.

A Great Winter Coat

For those looking for a great winter coat, why not look for a faux leather coat? You will get the same warmth that you would get from a real coat but it will look like vintage instead of 70’s. Women can even wear this with jeans and look trendy or go easy and dressy for a special occasion.

For another great vintage look, there is the checkered skirt. The skirt is very versatile and can be paired with so many items of clothing. Whether you are going to a ladies party or just to an afternoon lunch with friends, this can make a chic and fun outfit to wear. If you have children, why not look for a hippie checkered skirt to pair with their tees? You can find many vintage pieces online that will allow you to mix and match with items you already own.

The Layered Look

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The most popular vintage look has to be the layered look. This looks terrific on women who are looking to add some sophistication and pizzazz to their wardrobe. A chunky jacket, skinny jeans, or a cropped jacket are all popular choices for the layered look. Pair your jackets with chunky bracelets, chunky earrings, or vintage crystal earrings to complete the look. If you don’t like to wear jewelry, you can use a belt as a substitute and this will give you a much sexier look!

For those that want a more relaxed, fun style, there is the tie dye shirt. Ties are very important in this fashion era, so they can be considered a must-have. Plus size women can definitely pull off the tie dye shirt, since the neckline can be easily worn in either way up or down. Women who prefer a more modern hipster look can opt for a distressed, designer shirt. Since the trends from this era are fun, many designers are offering great deals on these vintage style shirts.

The Tie Sideburner Look

One other alternative for women who are looking to wear this era of fashion is to pull off the tie sideburner look! If you are a little on the shy side, you can always pull off a side burner so your hair doesn’t stand out! With a sideburner, your hair ends up being longer which is perfect if you are into the ponytail. Some women also choose to pull off the ponytail with a side burner, but choose the sideburner in a subtle color such as a light green, so it will still be discreetly in place.

Wearing 70’s fashion does not have to be difficult! If you stay on top of the latest fashion trends, you can make sure that you look fantastic in everything you put on.

Final Words

Choose ladies knitwear that offers you a unique look that you will love to show off to everyone! If you are thinking about wearing this era of fashion again, you will definitely want to make sure that you are wearing a great pair of ladies knitwear!

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