Top Hermes Bag Styles To Try Out -

Top Hermes Bag Styles To Try Out

Are you thinking of purchasing an Hermes bag for yourself? Then check out these top Hermes bag styles that you should definitely try out. The company is known to release various designs that can fit different styles and preferences.


Top Hermes Bag Styles To Try Out
Top Hermes Bag Styles To Try Out

This is probably the most familiar bag style for you. These bags are famous for their chic and timeless design. That is actually why they are still so high in demand years after their initial release. Its production later extended to different colors, sizes, and many more options. The most popular Birkin bag is the one that measures only twenty-five centimeters because it is the perfect size for brunches or even errands. Go for the thirty-centimeter one if you are looking for something you can wear on a daily basis.


This bag style largely gained popularity because of Jackie Kennedy. It is a shoulder bag with enough versatility to make it perfect for daily wear. Another reason why this is such a sought-after bag is because of its exclusivity. Only a few pieces were made and Hermes has been constantly announcing that they intend to discontinue this piece which just hikes up the demand even more. The reason why you should go for the Constance is because of its versatility. You can wear this on casual days or formal nights.


Top Hermes Bag Styles To Try Out
Top Hermes Bag Styles To Try Out

The Birkin may have been the staple Hermes bag but the Kelly is quickly catching up to be a popular favorite. The bag has a signature slender form coupled with a strap that makes it so easy to carry around. Try the one that measures twenty-eight centimeters as that size is absolutely perfect for daily wear or even for romantic evenings out.

There is also another bag design that is derived from this called the Kelly Cut. Its primary selling point is its dainty and portable size that makes it a favorite among women who are always on the go. The small bag is convenient for events like formal dinners or weddings when you wouldn’t want to carry something bulky. It is also the perfect accessory as it will immediately elevate your outfit into something more chic and sophisticated.


Looking for something edgier? Try the Medor bag of Hermes. It has pyramid-shaped studs that adorn the exterior of the purse that adds a sense of rock and punk. This is perfect if you wish to tone down the formality of your attire. It is also in a clutch form so you can use this for a night out with the gals or for a concert. This also works well with festive and holiday parties wherein you want to add more metallic details to your outfit.

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