Trendy Fashion Clothes For Women In 2020

trendy fashion clothes

2020, despite all the events that happened, has seen the comeback of some trends like stylish crochet to hot pants. If you’re wondering what clothes to stock your wardrobe with this spring, we got you sorted. Let’s take you through some 2020 trendy fashion clothes.

The Disco Collar

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You thought the wide disco collar had gone away, didn’t you? Well you thought wrong. The wide collar now comes sewn on jackets, coats and even button-downs. To make the collar stand out, distinct colors are used.

The disco collar is especially unique on jackets with colors that stand out. Blazers or leather trench clothes with disco collars are also trendy.

Modern Crochet

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Now, you don’t have to wear crochet to just the beach. It goes way more than that. You can stay elegant wearing handmade crochets. Crochets may serve as a comfortable and extra-feminine evening wear. Crochet dresses are comfortable, sustainable and give you the feeling of home. With crochet, you get a lot of options to choose from based on your style.

Hot Pants

Yeah, hot pants can’t seem to get old. Hot pants are trending with the knit shorts, denim cutoffs and spandex. You may complement your hot pants with black thighs and leggings. Being shorts, hot pants goes with long sleeves or jackets. You may wear them over mesh dresses too. You should finish your dressing by pairing your hotv pants with knee-high boots. Then, watch yourself stand out.

Highlighter Reel

You’ve not seen it all. Dresses with standout colors, like fluoro orange, yellow, pink and green, are here to take over. Imagine putting on a maxi dress or hue with the neon color; your entry and exit to any occasion will captivate the whole audience. You should pair these colors with shades of black, white or tan.

Bermuda Shorts

Considering bermuda shorts instead of hot pants? Yeah, that goes too. Keep your spring lit putting on bermuda shorts or suits. Bermuda suits offer you lots of stylish options. Now, you don’t have to limit your bermuda shorts to the street, you can also rock those shorts in corporate settings. To get the best of this trend and accentuate your height, you should keep the colors dark, pair these shorts with fancy button downs, and also put on flat footwears.

Bra Tops

Tired of putting on crop tops? Then maybe it’s time to try out bra tops. Bra tops are in vogue; from crochet-made to others more sheer. You’re in luck because these bra tops come in varieties of textures and styles. To complete the dressing, you should pair your bra top with a high-waisted skirt like midi. You can combine two trends in one by getting a bra top made out of crochet. Not to show too much, you can complement these tops with long bottoms, like pleated trousers, Chesterfield coats or high-waisted skirts.


Varieties of trendy clothes exist each day. If you’re stuck wondering which to go for this spring, then fret not. This post guides you through some trendy fashion clothes for women in 2020.

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