What Are The Latest Fashion Style For Men

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Fashion is not only about clothes. It can also be about attire, a style, a way of living, a behavior, or a lifestyle. The following are the latest fashion styles for men.


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The oversized trend dates back to the 1920s but they were popular again since the lockdown amid the covid pandemic. The lockdown taught us that nothing is more important than our health and we need to prioritize our comfort. This led to the increasing popularity of oversized clothes. Oversized clothes are very comfortable and stylish but you can look good only when you know how to style them. 

Buying a jacket two sizes bigger is not how you rock oversized clothing. You need the clothing to be oversized in the right places. What you wanna buy and style in oversized clothing is an oversized jacket, oversized tee, oversized trousers, oversized jumpers, oversized shirts, etc. You can style them in many different ways and make our fit stand out of the box. 


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Gone are the days when a leather jacket used to be appropriate only for the boy racers and the outlaws. The definition of a leather jacket has completely been changed from what it was traditionally. The leather jacket is now a staple in every fashion follower’s wardrobe. Modern leather jackets are so made that you can wear them anywhere including cafes, offices, bars, etc. They look super stylish and are easy to pair with. 

You can also grab your leather jacket if it’s a cold day since they’re now differently designed and can help keep the cold out. Leather jackets look iconic, timeless, stylish, and super comfortable. There are eight different types of leather. You can either get your leather jacket preferably made for you or you can buy it online as it is available on almost all of the fashionable clothing websites. 

Vertical stripes

A vertically striped shirt is a staple and a must-have in any men’s wardrobe. A vertically striped shirt is just what you need for gaining a professional look. You can either wear a striped shirt along with plain trousers and simple shoes to create a formal look or you can pair it up with a suit and get a more professional look. A thick deck of vertical stripes gives more of a summer-like look whereas, on the other hand, the thin deck of stripes gives out more of a formal look. 

Vertical stripes are more preferable to horizontal stripes because due to vertical stripes people naturally tend to scan the whole upper body up to down making the torso look longer. It is ideal for short gentlemen. A blue thin striped shirt can be paired up with any color of the suit and is thus very useful. A vertically striped shirt is a must-have for men’s wardrobe.


Fashion fills colors in our life. It is always evolving and thus helps us in trying new things. A balance must be kept between following the fashion trends and wearing what suits you.

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