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Why Are Designer Items Expensive?

Ever looked at a gorgeous designer piece and then almost faint because of its price? Most of these items are known to have sky-high prices which makes them unattainable by the majority. Why are designer items expensive? Read this article to know the answer.

Production Cost

Why Are Designer Items Expensive?
Why Are Designer Items Expensive?

One of the biggest reasons why designer items are so expensive is because of the amount of money they require to produce. Premium quality items obviously require special raw materials to turn them into the premium product that they are. The better quality of the materials means that they are much more expensive than generic items. Other luxury fashion items are also based in Europe which means that they need to pay more for labor as it is more expensive there than in Asia. Some of the more special items are even handmade which means that the labor costs will also hike up.

Limited Editions

Another reason why designer items are so expensive is because of their exclusivity. Humans want something that not a lot of people have. This exclusivity is also a great marketing strategy because it makes the designer items much more desirable. It also makes sense that these limited items are costlier to produce than mass-produced ones. The demand for something limited jacks up its price because it is much more special than other fashion items that anyone can just get their hands on.

Marketing Strategy

Why Are Designer Items Expensive?
Why Are Designer Items Expensive?

The way these companies market their products is another contributor to the expensive price tag. There are many ways by which fashion companies endorse their products. There are advertisements on certain publications to make their name more familiar in the fashion world which is naturally fast-paced and ever-changing.

One of the most popular ways by which fashion companies advertise their clothing pieces is through fashion shows. You might be familiar with the seasonal Chanel fashion shows that simply rock the world and influence the flow of things in the fashion universe. Those shows are so costly to produce which then pulls up the price of each piece. Other brands collaborate with influencers and online personalities. They send clothes to these notable individuals and then have them model the pieces and post a photo online for a price.

Research And Strategy

One way by which brands make their products sell is through thorough research. Some brands spend countless hours on a single piece before they can finish it. There are even other pieces that require an entire team to accomplish, from the mere conceptualization to the actual process of sewing and creating the piece.

The reason why these clothes are so expensive is that they are not mainstream. They are not like fast fashion brands that simply look at the fashion trends and then present their own rendition. Designer labels are often the trendsetters – they release pieces into the world and they often influence the way fashion progresses and evolves into the next generation.

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