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new style boutique 2: fashion forward

Fashion is eternal to humankind. Historical records show that in the ancient past, people used to change their clothes and way of clothing based on climate, occasions, and nature of work. What we are seeing is a renewed trend in fashion, dresses, accessories, and others. Fashion weeks played a significant role in making it accessible and popular; some important facts about those weeks are as follows.

Started In New York, Not Paris

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You might be thinking that Paris is the capital and first starting point of fashion Week. But no, It all started in New York, The USA, in 1993. Later this trend went to Paris, Milan, and many other places.

Fashion Week Is Not All About RunWays

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You might have watched models walking on runways and flaunting their clothes and accessories, But do you know, it is not widely accepted. Some fashion weeks do not have runways. Models dressed in fashionable attire come and show off their new style boutique 2: fashion forward, and go back.

There Is More Than Big Fashion Weeks

Currently, all over the world, people witness more than 40 fashion weeks. So if you are its lover, pack your backpack and be ready to roam various continents to explore its happening.

The weeks Include Awesome Parties

Milan, Paris, London, New York, and or any fashion week hold incredible parties after the show or the night before the show. Designers, Models, Organizers, Fashion Lovers, and Influential people participate in dancing, eating, and having their movements before new style boutique 2: fashion forward show. These are high-ticket parties reserved for the riches.

Not Anyone Can Get The Chance To Visit

It would be best if you were involved with fashion somehow, then only you get a pass. New style boutique 2: fashion forward blogger, Costume Designer, Makeup artist, Organizer, stylist, and only related persons get access. There is no provision to buy the ticket for shows.

Models Are Not Highly Paid

Fashion weeks are more symbolic for models than an earning opportunity. They get appreciation and better career prospects after appearing. It’s a well-known fact that designers do not give that much money to models unless they are highly popular and can pull up the show independently. As a model, you get numerous acting, modeling, advertisement, and other assignments after the show.

You Do Not Get Day Long To Enjoy

Months of preparation last only 10 to 20 minutes. Surprised! Models come to show their clothes one after another, and there is rarely any break in between. So it lasts a maximum of 20 minutes.


As I know you have some facts, spread these news and let others know that you are a “fashion enthusiast”. And Go on exploring new style boutique 2: fashion forward fashion weeks.

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